Monday, August 26, 2013

The key to success . . . setting reasonable goals

When I published my soon to be someday bestseller The Floating Man at the beginning of August I knew it wouldn’t be an instant success. In order not to be discouraged, I set the modest goal of selling fifty books by the end of the month. Well I’m ready to pop the cork and celebrate. I smashed through the fifty barrier this morning.

Still haven’t seen any Kindle sales since August 17th. What’s up with that? Sales of my Nook eBook keep coming in every day but not Amazon. And I thought they were the big behemoth that was going to take over the world. I’m still hoping that there is a glitch with their sales reporting system. If that is so, then I could still see a big spike in Kindle sales.

To lend credence to this theory, yesterday my ranking on Amazon went from 270,000 to 57,000. And to throw water on that same theory, this morning my ranking went back up to 127,000.  My Nook ranking is 57,000 and holding steady. I think I’ll stop going to the sales reports every three minutes and clean the kitchen like I promised my wife two weeks ago.

Maybe I’ll wait on popping the cork on that bottle of Absinthe I ordered from France a few months ago. Need a better reason to tie one on and get completely smashed. For now I’ll stick with the Southern Comfort.

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