Monday, August 19, 2013

It's Showtime!

Today I’m meeting with my web guy, Steve. He says we have to do a YouTube video to promote the book. Something about cross-channel marketing. Steve says we have to drive people to the website. Building upon my previous blog of Rome not being built in a day, Steve says to think of Rome as my website. You want all your marketing roads to lead to Rome.

Steve certainly has a way with metaphors, or is it analogies? Probably a little of both. I like Steve. If you need a website and marketing advice, visit his webpage at:

Steve made me slip in a little cross-channel marketing for himself. He’s a very smart guy. All those ex IT guys are. And hey, if it keeps my costs down, that’s a beautiful thing.

Back to the video. I thought about donning some coke bottle lens glasses and my Billy Bob teeth and pretend that I was a paranoid author disguising my appearance. It would have been funny. But it would also give the wrong impression of the book. So I scratched that idea. Think we’ll go with a scrolling script with dramatic music in the background, instead. Something like:

In 1808 as Napoleon’s armies roamed across Europe, a scientist at a research lab in the little village of Arcueil, south of Paris made a major scientific breakthrough that would tip the balance of power in Europe. This man and his invention would soon become lost to history.

Until . . . two hundred years later.

John Hill, a former investigative reporter for the Washington Post, stumbles upon a story from 1830 about a Frenchman named Henri Richaud, touring the Eastern Seaboard performing aerial maneuvers with his amazing device. As he begins his hunt for the mysterious Henri Richaud, John Hill stumbles upon a government cover-up stretching back across two centuries and continents.

And the hunter soon becomes the hunted.

Will John Hill and his friends discover the secrets of Henri Richaud? Or will they die trying? Follow the epic tale, The Floating Man, now available on eBook at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Softcover available at CreateSpace.  Or read an extended excerpt at:

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