Thursday, October 10, 2013

The UK falls! The Floating Man lands . . . and conquers?

 A red-letter day in the saga of The Floating Man and its slow methodical march up the ranks of the NY Times Bestseller List.  More slow than methodical, but every great publishing empire starts with a few missteps.  That’s what Steve my webguy says anyway.  Steve just finished putting up some of the 5 star reviews I have been receiving from Amazon and B&N readers.  He left out the 3 star one, although even that one said The Floating Man was an enjoyable read. I’ll take that.

Another digression.  I do that a lot.  Sorry.  Back to my conquest of the UK. The other day I decided to post a brief summary and thumbnail of my book cover on a Facebook page dedicated to eBook readers from the UK.

And lo and behold, I soon began a triumphant march up the bestseller ranks.  From nothing all the way up to 33,000 in a matter of hours!
It’s amazing what the sale of three books will do to your rankings.

Can France and Germany be far behind? I think not.

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